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Telephone: 601-366-2335
Fax: 601-366-0438
Email: staff@saintrichard.com
Parish Office Directory Title Email
Fr. John Bohn Pastor frjohn@saintrichard.com
 Deacon Nick Adams  Deacon  deacon.nick@saintrichard.com
 Chelsea Vaughn Parish Secretary secretary@saintrichard.com
Mary Falconi Office Manager falconi@saintrichard.com
Sara Dunning Asst. to Office Manager
Raymond Barry Director of Christian Service barry@saintrichard.com
Suzan Cox Director of Liturgy cox@saintrichard.com
Tom Lewis RCIA Coordinator  rcia@saintrichard.com
Debbie Tubertini Director of Evangelization & SFCs tubertini@saintrichard.com
Kim Turner Special Kids sk@saintrichard.com
 Mary Kate Rees  Sr. High Director of Youth Ministry (10th – 12th grades)  rees@saintrichard.com
Amelia Rizor Jr. High Director of Youth Ministry (7th-9th grades) rizor@saintrichard.com
Helen Walsh Director of Music walsh@saintrichard.com
Marybeth Culhane Coordinator of Religious Education  cre@saintrichard.com
Shannon Garner  Director of Stewardship,  Development, & PR  garner@saintrichard.com
Marti Kestenbaum Foley Hall Kitchen Manager

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