Fr. Adlofo Suarez Pasillas

Fr. Adlofo Suarez Pasillas

Q&A: Father Adolfo Suarez-Pasillas

My name is Adolfo Suarez. I’m 38 years old, my birthday is October 23. I have three brothers and three sisters, I am one of the youngest, there is just one younger than me. This is my second year as priest for this diocese of Jackson, I was ordained in May, last year.

My hometown’s name is Jesus Maria in Aguascalientes State, right in the middle of the Mexico. The State name means Hot waters, it comes from the fact that we have hot water streams. Before coming to St. Richard, I was serving at St. James in Tupelo, MS.

I love nature. I enjoy most of the foods, but I think Mexican and Vietnamese are my favorites. I like movies. My favorite saints are St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis de Sales, the Cure of Ars, also I love Our Lady of Guadalupe.

What I enjoy the most about being a priest, besides celebrating the sacraments, is to be able to share in people’s life, especially in their life of faith. People’s faith have been a source of encouragement for me throughout my seminary formation and now in my priesthood it continues strengthening my own faith. Because, even when I am a priest, I have a long journey of faith ahead of me and there are a lot of people, a lot of faithful whose faith and devotion are stronger than mine and from whom I have to learn. I hope and pray that I can serve you the best I can and I look forward to meet all of you.