Go and Make Disciples

We, the Catholic Community of St. Richard of Chichester, are called by Baptism to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to all.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to active evangelization, seeking to make Jesus known and present through our worship, community, formation and service.  This is our Mission Statement here at St. Richard Church and this course will provide you with the tools to aid in our call to be disciples.

Go and Make Disciples (GMD) is a 6 week course.  The topics we cover are : Evangelization, What is Church, Personal Conversion, Community and The Holy Spirit.  The series enhances our ability to be a more responsible Christian leader, to be a “person who makes a difference” in our everyday world, how to evangelize… whether at work, at home, or here at our church. This is a great opportunity to boost your faith. This class is offered once a year.  Contact Debbie Tubertini for information 601.366.2335 ext. 107 or email tubertini@saintrichard.com.