Spiritual Programs


Spirituality refers to one’s style of life, with an individual’s way of relating to God, to self and to all with whom one lives and works.  It extends to every aspect of daily living.  As one’s relationship grows, and this is a life-long process, there is a deeper call to open oneself more intimately to God’s presence and action.  The desire to know God, to follow God’s will challenges the seeker to spend time daily with God in prayer.  Spirituality is one’s way of being religious; it reflects our beliefs, our values and choices.     Sr. Therese Jacobs, BVM

We wish to offer programs at the parish that will focus on deepening our relationship with God such as “What is prayer?”, “Teach me to pray”, “Come to the quiet”, and “Connecting prayer to daily life”.


We continue reflecting on the upcoming sacred scripture (Lectio Divina) weekly on Monday evenings  at 6 p.m. in Conference Room and Thursdays at noon in the Library. The Monday and Thursday groups will include 20 minutes of Centering Prayer.  All are welcome and each week is independent of previous weekly sessions.