Spiritual Direction-Spiritual Companion

Sharing one’s experience of God, the struggle to accept life with all the surprises, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows can be challenging and confusing at times.  God continues to invite us to follow Jesus more intimately and to daily spend precious time in prayer.  A spiritual director, companion listens, accepts and attempts to help the person desiring the guidance to remain faithful and committed to the journey day by day.  The agenda is set by the person who comes for the conversation and the guide responds.  The true spiritual guide is the Holy Spirit dwelling and leading both parties in the dialog.

If interested in finding out more about spiritual direction, please call Sister Therese Jacobs at 601-366-2335 or jacobs@saintrichard.com.  If there is interest expressed, an informational program regarding spiritual direction will be offered.  This will give persons an opportunity to ask questions and to bring any suggestions regarding this process.

We are open to and eager for your suggestions on how to enrich our Gospel living.  Please call Sister Therese and share your ideas, dreams and hopes.