The Diocesan Forms must be filled out each year in order for youth to participate in any Youth Events. Please return the forms to St. Richard Catholic Church, Attn. Mary Kate Rees, P O Box 16547, Jackson, MS 39236. email-

FAITH LIFE Registration– (Youth Group for 10th, 11th and 12th Graders) Please fill out form and return to Saint Richard’s    Attn: Mary Kate Rees P.O. Box 16547 Jackson, MS 39236

Diocesan Form A– (a parent of each youth will need to fill out these 4 pages one time while in youth group at Saint Richard- For instance, if you fill out form E in 7th grade, you do not have to fill it out again in any of the years that follow 8th-12th grade)

Diocesan Form B– (Annual Update, every year starting July, each parent will give updates on any changes since last time to fill out forms)

Diocesan Form E– (Form to be filled out for each specific event the youth attends- example- a service project, youth group trip, pool party, etc)

Adult Chaperone or Volunteer Form